Mr. Dean Perusse


dperusseDean Perusse is a research intern who joined the lab through Cal State Fullerton’s Bridges to Stem Cell Research (BSCR) Program funded through CIRM. This program allowed for each of the scholars in the program to intern full time at a stem cell research facility for 7 months. Upon finishing the BSCR internship, Dean has volunteered his time to continue working in the lab and on his project.  Dean spent his internship working on the “Cross-Correction of α-L-Iduronidase in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I” project. Specifically, Dean is developing and in vitro assay to semi-quantitate the degree of IDUA cross-correction by populations of IDUA+ NSCs following co-incubation with IDUA-null NSCs (MPS-1 NSC).

Dean is currently finishing his undergraduate studies in Biology with a concentration in Cell and Developmental biology at Cal State Fullerton and will be graduating in Spring 2014. Dean plans on attending graduate school in Fall 2014 to attain a master’s degree in clinical research. His ultimate aspirations are to become a pediatric oncologist who also conducts cancer research. It was his experience here at CHOC and in the Schwartz lab that has influenced his decision to go into pediatric medicine, as well as making research a part of his future.