Nomenclature examples:

1.SC122.6-S (skin biopsy)

2.SC122.6-SF4 (starting skin fibroblasts)

3.SC122.6-SF4-1I1.M20 (manual passage iPSCs)

4.SC122.6-SF4-1I1.M20S20 (StemPro expanded iPSCs)

5.SC122.6-SF4-1I1.M20S20[47,XX,+12] (StemPro expanded iPSCs that have become triploid for chromosome 12)

6.SC122.6-SF4-1I1.M20S20-N2G4 (expanded NSCs derived from iPSCs)

7.SC122.6-SF4-1I1.M20S20-N2G4-4Nn70 (neurons for EP derived from iPSCs)

8.BG01.1-EI26-000.M20S20-N2G4-4Nn70 (neurons for EP derived from ePSCs)

9.SC122.6-SF4-1I1.M20S20-N2G4-5A97 (astroglia derived from iPSCs)

10.SC122.6-SF4-1I1.M20–S20-N2G4-4Nn70 (StemPro expanded subculture of iPSCs after freezing and thawing of previous manual passage culture)

11.BG01.1-EI26-000.M20S20(zG1)-N2G4-4Nn70 (neurons for EP derived from an ePSC line that had been transduced at some passage during the StemPro stage to express ZsGreen on the EF1α promoter using the ADDGENE product number 18121)