Mrs. Siranush Herculian


s_herculianGraduating from California State University, Long Beach with a B.S. in Microbiology, Siranush also completed the CIRM Stem Cell Research Biotechnology Program in order to advance her career in the field of stem cell research.  As a CIRM Bridges Trainee, she interned at City of Hope in the laboratory of Dr. Qiang Lu, where her laboratory research focused on the self-renewal and differentiation of neural progenitor/stem cells of the mammalian cerebral cortex. Shortly after, she pursued a Research Associate I position, at City of Hope, in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Barish. Her research there focused on developing a stem cell-mediated therapy for high-grade gliobastoma and investigating the use of neural stem cells as delivery vehicles for chemotherapeutic agents to the brain. Currently, Siranush is a Research Associate I in Dr. Philip Schwartz’s laboratory, conducting research about the properties of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) transitioning into neural stem cells (NSCs). When Siranush is not engulfed in the science of stem cells, she enjoys traveling and good food.