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App. deadline: 1/5/2007
Tuition due date: 2/9/07

Application for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Training Course

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Sponsored by the CHOC Research Institute and
The Burnham Institute

March 6-15, 2007

The tuition for the course has been set at $3,750. This covers all supplies and materials as well as all meals, housing, and transportation between the hotel and the teaching facility. Students are responsible for travel costs between the hotel and their homes/home institutions.

Please fill this application out on line. If this is not possible, you may

Fax Application to:


Mail Application to: Philip H. Schwartz, PhD
CHOC Research Institute
455 S. Main Street
Orange, CA, 92868

Additionally, you must send by email to pschwartz@choc.org

  1. An NIH-style curriculum vitae (download a sample filled in Word version) and
  2. An email of support, with contact info, from your lab's PI, if you are not the PI.

Required fields are marked with*


*First Name *Last Name
*Phone No. *Fax No:
*Address Line 1    
Address Line 2    
*City *State *Zipcode
*E-mail address
Visa Status/Duration (if not US citizen)  

*Institution Type Academic
Research Foundation/Nonprofit
*Title Principle Investigator
Post Doc
Graduate Student
*Education MD/DVM
*Name of Laboratory PI

*Indicate your current level of cell culture expertise
  Regularly Sometimes Never
I culture animal cells.
I culture animal ES cells.
I culture human cells.
I culture human ES cells.
I establish primary cultures from animal material.
I establish primary cultures from human material.
I use standard precautions with human material.
I make culture media using my own ingredients.
I use commercially available culture media.
I make other culture reagents.
I use commercially available culture reagents.
I use the following analytical techniques:
    Phase contrast or DIC Microscopy
    Confocal Microscopy
    Flow Cytometry

*Does your lab have NIH-approved human embryonic stem cell lines? yes no
*Where did you get them?
*Does your lab have other human embryonic stem cell lines? yes no
*Where did you get them?
*Describe your objectives for taking this course.
*Please describe how you intend to use human embryonic stem cells in your laboratory after taking this course.
How did you hear about the training course? (NIH web site, web search, word-of-mouth, etc)

Application deadline: January 5, 2007
Notification of acceptance/rejection: January 22, 2007
Tuition due date: February 9, 2007


24-hour CHOC line (714) 997-3000
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