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  • This repository systematically collects, stores, and distributes human brain and other tissues for research dedicated to the improved understanding, care, and treatment of diseases and injuries of the nervous system.
  • Donation to this repository may significantly assist in increasing our understanding, care, or treatment of diseases and injuries of the nervous system.
  • This is the only publicly accessible repository in the nation that addresses the application of neural stem cells to the study of childhood nervous system disorders.
  • Dr. Schwartz and the CHOC Foundation established the Resource in 2001 as a non-embryonic, non-fetal alternative resource for stem cells harvested from post-mortem brain. It has an active research program here at CHOC run by Dr. Schwartz in collaboration with researchers worldwide.
  • The Children's Hospital of Orange County Institutional Review Board oversees the operations of the Resource and assures adherence to legal and ethical standards.
  • Only code numbers identify the tissues held by the repositories so that confidentiality is strictly maintained.
  • Tissues are made available to any qualified scientific investigator, including a commercial concern, which meets basic criteria.
  • One can specify exactly what is to be donated.
  • There is no increased cost associated with the donation; however, participation does not release responsibility for any costs.
  • The donation is totally voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time without prejudice.
  • The donation will not deface or maim the deceased.
  • The repository will not routinely share information gained from research using a particular donation but will post general research results on its web site.



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