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To officially notify the Resource of your intention to donate, call. The Resource and its location and telephone numbers are shown below.

National Human Neural Stem Cell Resource
Children's Hospital of Orange County
455 South Main Street
Orange, California 92868-3874
(800) 418-1961
(714) 516-4310
(714) 532-8442 FAX

After you have registered with the Resource, inform family members and physicians of your decision to donate. This is extremely important in the event of tissues donated at death since the next-of-kin must give final permission, in the form of a signed Informed Consent, for tissue recovery, even if a donor has registered their intent to donate prior to death (Examples of such consents are found here Consent Forms). The next-of-kin should also call the Resource as soon as possible after the donor's death. Calls are taken 24 hours a day. This number is (714) 997-3000.


24-hour CHOC line (714) 997-3000
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