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The following faculty will conduct the didactic and laboratory portions of each human embryonic stem cell culture training course. These faculty are leaders in the areas of human embryonic and neural stem cell derivation, expansion, differentiation, characterization, transplantation, and banking and distribution.

Name Title Institution Role Topic
Abdenur, MD Jose Metabolic Geneticist CHOC DC Stem Cell Therapy in Metabolic Diseases
Ackerman , MD Laurie Neurosurgeon CHOC DC Pediatric Brain Tumors
PhD Ruchi Post-Doctoral Fellow, Stem Cell Program Burnham DB,L Lentiviral Transduction of hESCs
Beck, PhD Tony Medical Officer, Clinical Research Resources NCRR/NIH DE NIH Stem Cell Policies
Bhatia, PhD Micki Scientist, Stem Cell Biology Robart’s Research Institute DB HSCs from hESCs
Campbell, PhD, JD Cathryn Attorney McDermott Will & Emery DE IP and Patent Issues
Carpenter, PhD Melissa Senior Scientist, Stem Cell Program NovoCell/Cythera DB hESC Culture and Epigenetic Influences
Chang , MD , PhD Mei Flow Cytometry Manager CHOC DB,L Flow Cytometry
Cherin , MD Anthony Pediatric Intensivist CHOC DC Near Drowning
Cho , PhD Ken Professor, Developmental Biology UCIrvine DB Stem Cell Therapy in Diabetes
Chun , MD , PhD Jerold
And Lab Personnel
Professor, Molecular Biology Scripps Research Institute DB,L Neural Aneuploidy, FISH
Clark , MD Susan Endocrinologist CHOC DC Pediatric Diabetes
Cleary, MD John Neonatologist CHOC DC Neonatal Asphyxia
Derzic , PhD Stanislava Scientist, Neuro-Oncology CHOC DB,L MSC and HSC Derivation and Culture, FACS
Diaz , MD David And Lab Personnel IVF Physician West Coast Fertility Centers DC,L In Vitro Fertilization, Cryopreservation
Donnelly , MD Joseph Neurologist UCIrvine DC Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Flanagan*, PhD Lisa Assistant Researcher, Pathology UCIrvine DB,L Immunocytochemistry of hESCs, hNSCs, hMSCs, hHSCs
Golub , PhD Sid Professor Emeritus, Medical Genetics UCIrvine DE Politics of Stem Cells
Greenberg , MD , PhD David Professor and Vice-President The Buck Institute DB Stem Cell Therapy in Stroke/Cerebral Ischemia
Heck, PhD J. Denis UCI DNA MicroArray Facility Manager UCIrvine DB Gene Microarray Analysis
Hou , PhD Stephen Flow Cytometrist   DB,L Basic Flow Cytometry
Hyllner , PhD Johan Or Colleagues Chief Operating Officer Cellartis DB,L Establishment and Culture of hESCs
Jeon , PhD Noo Li Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering UCIrvine DB Microfluidic Assessment of SC Function
Keirstead , PhD Hans Associate Professor, Neurobiology UCIrvine DB Treatment of SCI with hESCs
Klassen , MD , PhD Henry Senior Scientist, Stem Cell Research CHOC DB,DC Stem Cell Therapy in Retinal Diseases
Kohn , MD Donald Professor, Pediatrics USC DB,DC Gene Therapy versus Stem Cell Therapy
LaFerla , PhD Frank Associate Professor, Neurobiology UCIrvine DB Stem Cell Therapy in Alzheimer’s
Lee, PhD Jean- Pyo Assistant Professor, Stem Cell Program Burnham DB,L Stem Cell Therapy in the Lysosomal Storage Disorders, ICV Transplantation
Levison , PhD Steve Professor, Neuroscience UMDNJ DB Stem Cell Therapy in Neonatal Asphyxia
Morris-Irvin, PhD Dwain Senior Scientist Cedar Sinai DB Stem Cells in Brain Tumors
Mussachio , PhD Michele Manager, Transgenic Mouse Facility UCIrvine DB Transgenic Technologies
Nickerson , MD Bruce Pulmonologist CHOC DC Pediatric Lung Disease
Nourani , BS Azita BMT Laboratory Manager CHOC DB,DC Human HSC Banking for Clinical Uses
Nugent , MD Diane Hematologist CHOC DC Stem Cell Therapy in Hematology
O’Dowd, PhD Diane Professor, Neurobiology UCIrvine DB Electrophysiology of Stem Cells and Neurons
Palmer, PhD Theo Associate Professor, Neurosurgery Stanford DB Immunocytochemistry of Stem Cells
Perin *, PhD Laura Senior Scientist, Pediatrics USC DB,L Multipotential Amnion Stem Cells, hESC Culture
Phillips , MD Stephen Neurologist CHOC DC Pediatric Epilepsies
Putnam, PhD Andy Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering UCIrvine DB Stem Cell Culture on 3D Scaffolds
Ribak , PhD Charles Professor, Neurobiology UCIrvine DB Stem cell dysfunction/ therapy in epilepsy
Robbins Gary Science Editor Orange County Register DE Handling the (Print) Media
Roy, PhD Neeta Assistant Professor, Neuroscience Cornell DB,L Neurons from hESCs
Snyder , MD , PhD Evan Director, Stem Cell Program Burnham Institute DB,DC Stem Cell Transplantation
Sun, PhD Yi Assistant Professor, Psychiatry UCLA DB Epigenetics in Neural Differentiation from Stem Cells
Wallace, PhD Doug Professor, Biological Sciences UCIrvine DB Stem Cells and Mitochondria
Warburton , MD , PhD David Professor, Pediatrics USC DB,DC Stem Cells in Lung Diseases
Weiner , MD Leslie Professor, Neurology USC DC Stem Cell Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis
Wesselschmidt , MS Robin Manager, Stem Cell Facility USC DB,L Derivation and Culture of Mouse ESCs
Zadeh , MD Touran
And Lab Personnel
Geneticist CHOC DB,DC, L Clinical Cytogenetics
Zoloth , PhD Laurie Professor, Bioethics Northwestern DE Ethics of hESC Research
Under “Role”, the abbreviations mean: DB – didactic, basic: DC – didactic, clinical; DE – didactic, ethical, political, regulatory, media; L – laboratory.



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