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Application & Scholarship Requirements

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Criteria for Choosing Applicants

Applicants for the human embryonic stem cell culture training course must have documented previous experience in culturing embryonic stem cells, other stem cells, and/or primary tissue cultures. It will generally not be acceptable if applicants have experience only with established cell lines such as 3T3 or 293 cells.

Applicants need not be Principal Investigators or Program Directors but, if not, the applicant must provide written confirmation from their Principal Investigator or Program Director that they will use the skills that they have learned at the course upon return to their home laboratory.

Applicants (or their Principal Investigators or Program Directors) must provide written evidence that they already have human embryonic stem cells or written evidence of intent to procure human embryonic stem cells.

Criteria for awarding scholarships

The Principal Investigator and CHOC have built in the possibility of up to three full scholarships to be awarded for each course offering. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be based on documentation, provided by the applicant's institution, of a lack of available funds for the Training Course. Applicants for scholarships must, of course, meet the criteria for all other applicants as stated above. Limited scholarship support is available for underrepresented minorities IN THIS COUNTRY who meet citizenship requirements. If you wish to apply, contact the course director.



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